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What's new at Live Wires
What's new at Live Wires

We have scoured the world to find these wonderful new products!  We hope you like them, and if you do, let us know on Facebook or email – we love hearing from you.

  • A beautiful Hummingbird print on a cotton tea towel from Jay
  • A kaleidoscopic mix of animal and floral themes printed in glorious colour – stunning cards from the new Natural History Museum collection by Museums & Galleries
  • Handy desk clocks with eye-catching designs from Jay - a great little gift!
  • The Floss and Rock Magic Colour Changing Umbrellas make walking in the rain fun!
  • A colourful wooden balancing game from Floss & Rock - stack and balance as many blocks on the base as you can without them collapsing!
  • A card and a gift all-in-one, 3D die-cut cards from Art Angels
  • A beautiful fine bone china gift boxed mug with a Hummingbird design from Jay

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