Julia Christian

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Julia Christian lives in Auckland with cartoonist Chris Slane and has raised three children who are all artists in their own right. The eldest, Henry Christian-Slane is a concept artist and winner of the Adam Portrait Award. Hugo Christian-Slane is a designer currently working in New York and...

Motif Mint Tins

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Motif is a collective of artists and illustrators, passionate about fresh, creative design & delicious mints. Their special-edition tins are unique, shareable and collectible, with each housing 32g of premium, vegan friendly peppermints, free from sugar and artificial sweetener. Back in...

Kate McGuinness

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Kate McGuinness is a graphic illustrator and mum-of-two from Wellington. During the lockdown period, Kate turned to art as both distraction and a form of relaxation. She took up the global #100day challenge – in which artists set a 100-day challenge for themselves, and shared her...

Mint - New from the UK

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Alan and Debbie Williams, owners of the Mint Group (which comprises Museums & Galleries, Mint and Real & Exciting Designs) pride themselves on customer service and are committed to producing the very best of fun and innovated products, while ensuring they reach the highest standards in...

New Emily Kelly Cards

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I am a self-taught artist. My interest in art started from a young age, experimenting with a range of different mediums, until I found a combination of pen and watercolour works best to show the beautiful quirks of the characters I paint. I have always been intrigued by animals and how they...

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