Curly Girl - Fabulous products for imperfectly delightful living
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Curly Girl - Fabulous products for imperfectly delightful living

Designer Leigh Stanley’s whimsical and witty work has been in the making for most of her life. Born and raised in St. Louis, Leigh began designing when she was 12 years old, bored in maths class she was distracted by doodling! She later attended the University of Kansas School of Design and graduated with a BFA in Visual Communicati8ons. After moving to Boston and a couple of short lived jobs, she decided to go it alone and set up Curly Girl.

Her work has been featured in national design publications and regional art shows and is inspired by her incredible friends and family. Leigh lived in Boston for over 13 years, only occasionally wishing it were Paris! She has recently moved back to St Louis with her family.

Leigh enjoys travelling, old movies and singing. She can’t live without: yoga, her family, Snickers and Lucy the wonder dog. She holds strong feels about education, believes in magic, and is quite certain that given a cape and tiara, she could save the world.

Curly Girls Mission statement:

We believe that hot chocolate should be served with whipped cream, bathtubs were built for bubbles and wine tastes better with friends. That flip flops go with everything, glasses should be half –ful and it’s our responsibility to teach peace and love, so we’re providing envelops.

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