Freight Policy Update - September 1st 2023
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Freight Policy Update - September 1st 2023

Please read our latest Freight Policy update for news about upcoming changes to our shipping, starting September 1st.

We have held off on changing our shipping over the last 24 months. But after holding on as long as possible we have had to make some small changes to our free freight threshold to try and help offset some of the multiple courier price increases over the last 2 years.

As of September 1st, we will be updating our free freight threshold to $500 excluding gst.

Below is our freight policy as a helpful reminder.

  • If your order is over $500 excl. GST you will receive freight free shipping on that order.
  • All orders under $500 excl. GST will receive a $8.50 excl. GST freight charge. This is across all platforms, website, phone, email and orders placed through visits with our Territory Managers.
  • Backorders will always be delivered at no additional charge once the stock arrives.
  • Multiple orders in the same visit with your Territory Manager are combined together, if their total is over $500 excl. GST you will receive freight free shipping.
  • If multiple orders are placed on the same day through different platforms we will do our best to combine them and offer freight free shipping if the combined total is over $500 excl GST. If one of these orders comes through after the other order has already been processed, we will charge freight on each order if they are under $500 excl GST.
  • If a backorder is sent out with a daily order there will be a freight charge on the daily order if that order is under $500 excl GST. The backorder will simply be sent out with it. If there is no daily order, the backorder will go out freight free.
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