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Art Press are passionate about good design and have been working with Julia since 2011, on various ranges. Vivid Vintage is her latest series for them.

Julia lives in Brighton UK with her partner and two children. She studied Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art. She loves and collects typography based ephemera (for example vintage tickets and packaging, often featuring antique and woodblock type) which she uses in her art. Inspired by some of the great collage and pop artists: Kurt Schwitters, Ben Nicholson, Eduardo Paolozzi, Cecil Touchon and Rosalie Gascoigne, to name a few.

Julia works digitally, scanning the ephemera and capturing all the original detail and then constructs playful, graphic and contemporary compositions. The fantastic textures of the paper, smudgy vintage coloured inks and intriguing snippets of information look amazing at larger scales. The ephemera takes on a more abstract form, so it is possible to see it in a new, fresh light, which is what she loves about it.

She’s delighted and excited her new collection ‘Vivid Vintage’ has been really well received. She enjoyed designing them - it’s was a great combination for her - as she gets to collect beautiful vintage etchings and then has fun re-colouring and composing them for the cards. She’s inspired with the juxtaposition between the etchings and vivid pop art colours!

Art Press have done an amazing job printing them - the colours have remained beautifully bright and so detailed. She’s keen to extend the range in the future, as there’s so much potential imagery out there!

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