We Are With You - Covid-19 Close down

We, along with everyone else, are now in lockdown for at least 1 Month.

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Update 2/4/20 Dear Customers, here we are at the end of our first week in lock down and I hope you are all feeling well inside your bubbles. First, a big round of applause for the people working on the front line, trying to contain this virus and those keeping essential services up and...

Roger la Borde

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Roger la Borde has been one of the mainstays of our British suppliers here at Live Wires for over 27 years. Roger la Borde have advised us that they are trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic across their products. All their new Standard and Petite cards with an envelope, will...

Who is Cecily?

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Cecily has been a popular character in New Zealand for over 20 years. In case you have not already been introduced to Cecily she is an aging cartoon character. Not just a stick thin pencil line drawing though, she is a well-rounded character, sometimes more well-rounded than she would like!...

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