Celebrate Valentine’s Day
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Make February 14th Special!

Love is always great reason to celebrate, so why not start with the giving of cards on Valentine’s Day? The tradition, started back in the third Century AD is flourishing in the 21st Century. Not only do cards and gifts get sent between lovers, but sharing love with family, friends and of course to an anonymous admirer, makes the day special!

Valentine’s day is getting more popular every year for sending cards, gifts and of course roses.

Here at Live Wires we have some fantastic cards! Look out for James Ellis, Art press, Real & Exciting, Redback and many more to be found under Valentine’s Day. You’ll find even more appropriate cards in the Love category on our website.

A Brief History

A Roman priest, Valentine, was executed on the 14th February 269AD for marrying young Romans against the wishes of Emperor Claudius. While in prison he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and on the day of his execution, Valentine passed a love note to the young girl. The note thanked her for her friendship and loyalty, and was signed ‘From your Valentine’.

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