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Just Landed - Gingko Design

Levitating Moon Lamp

With this extraordinary levitating Smart Moon Lamp, you could light up your whole world.

This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically “float” above a wooden base and slowly rotates just like the real orbiting moon. Made from PLA material, this 3D printed full moon even has a textured surface, just like the moon’s own craters and glows in 3 different light modes. Suspended by a strong built-in magnet it creates a fascinating replica of the real thing.

Do you ever wonder about what processes Gingko products go through to ensure you get the very best quality? The brand new Smart Moon Lamp just like all of their products, go through rigorous testing.
Every Smart Moon Lamp is tested in their production plant for five continuous days, before they are packed safely for their final journey.

Useful Youtube links from Ginkgo

Helpful set up video
Promotional Video

Another smart design from Gingko of an everyday object.



Smart Baton Light

The Smart Baton Light is a highly practical, modern designed light for everyday use.

Made from a real wood and magnetised base and baton and a frosted acrylic glass.

It can go anywhere you like without any wiring, It can be used as a wall light, travel light or a bedside light. It has the option of being taken off its mount and used to guide you to where you want to go. You can save energy by putting the light in motion detection mode and it will turn on as you move past it.

This light is a highly practical, beautifully designed everyday object.



Smart Vase Light

The smart vase light is a beautiful paper oval shaped table light.

Cleverly hidden inside is a heat and water-safe tube for filling with water so that your favourite flowers can be enhanced by this remarkable lamp. This lamp is made from special heat and waterproof Tyvek paper that emits a warm light. The fan light can be folded for easy storage.



Octagon One Plus Portable Alarm Clock and Desk Light

Octagon One Plus desk light is a variation from the Original Octagon One Desk Light, which is now incorporates a touch activated alarm clock in the base which is made from real wood. You can choose to either use the light to wake you up, so the light will gradually ‘light up’ your day or you can use the normal beep alarm if you wish.



Smart Diffuser Lamp

A portable and real wood ambient desk light with a seamlessly integrated copper plate oil burning diffuser. With a handy gold touch sensor control, it gently heats up to fill your room silently and slowly with your favourite scent whilst emitting a beautiful light through a frosted glass. The Smart Diffuser Lamp from Gingko Design helps you to relax while it radiates it’s beautiful light as well as it’s pleasant aroma.



All these fantastic Gingko products have just arrived and are now in stock. If you pre-ordered these your orders will be heading out over the next week.

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