Michaela Cox - Mixie
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Michaela Cox - Mixie

In 2018 we introduced Mixie as a new range of gorgeous cards from Dunedin’s Micheala Cox. She is a photographer who turns her images into interesting and inspired designs that always feature some New Zealand flora. She produced her first calendar with us in 2020 and her stunning 2021 designs are with your rep now.

Originally from Christchurch she has been based in Dunedin for the last five years. She completed her MFA at University of Canterbury in 2012, majoring in photography.

She works as a photographer, teacher and designer, developing the Mixie brand that was born three years ago from her desire to create ethically and locally made products. Where possible, Mixie uses high quality natural materials, recycled paper and avoids the use of plastic.

All Mixie products are made in New Zealand.

Check with your rep to show you her delightful range or click the link below.

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