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Raspberry Blossom - New Supplier

Raspberry Blossom are a wife (Rebecca) and Husband (Mark) team based in Sunny London/Norfolk and Raspberry Blossom was the brainchild of Rebecca whose love of all things colourful knows no bounds.

And no, the name wasn’t born from Rebecca enjoying a punnet of raspberries sitting under a cherry blossom tree. She simply loves their pinky shades of colour.

It all started in 2014 while both Rebecca and Mark were doing their thing in the glitzy world of marketing in London. In her spare time, Rebecca designed some products which were well received with some ace customers and then the rest is history.

The business has continued to grow organically (like raspberries and blossom – what a great parallel) with Rebecca going ‘full-time’ and Mark joining not too shortly after that. And they’ve now become award winners for their work too.

With every product they create, their aim is the same. To spread joy and smiles to the purchaser and recipient. Why? Well, simply because we all deserve to be joyful and smile every day.

So enjoy looking at this new range of products, we hope you see the fun and love that went into each and every one.

We have a great selection of cards on offer. From children and adult birthday cards, bright bold and colourful. There are even a few cards for the pet lovers out there. Ask your rep to show you this new range, or look online.

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