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Sapling Press

Sapling Press is a letter press and design company grounded in the steel city of Pittsburgh. Started back in 2003 by Lisa Krowinski while she worked as a graphic designer in Baltimore. She fell for the art of type setting and letterpress printing after working in the home studio of a local printer.

Now operating a fleet of presses with her dedicated crew producing greeting cards that are both original and funny. 

Letterpress printing requires each card to be slotted into the machine by hand and individually pressed. It is a technique of relief printing, a process by which many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against card. More recently letterpress printing has seen a revival as an artisanal form.

"Sapling Press cards are printed on tree free cotton paper and paired with a 100% recycled brown kraft envelope - that’s smart! “Sapling Press products are a way to preserve the very human sentiments that otherwise might get lost in the mists of pixels. Nobody has a shoe box of tweets or printed-out text messages. People still keep this stuff. It means something. We make the cards you give to that one friend of yours who truly gets it. You know the one.”

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