Solmate Socks - Life’s too short for matching socks!
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Solmate Socks - Life’s too short for matching socks!

All the colours of the rainbow and more have burst onto our shelves with the arrival of the new styles and colours of Solmate Socks – they’re ready to go out the door!

Such great colours and styles – Adult Ankle; peeking just out above your ankle, the brand-new Ankle Socks are as close to no-show as they come, with a punch of style.

Adult Quarter Socks; these hit just above the ankle bone and add a little pop of colour and a whole lotta comfort.

Crew Socks - what we’ve had before but now available in 9 additional new wonderful colours. Solmates are passionate about colour, pattern, and quality, these socks are happy mismatches, bold and a little crazy!

Not forgetting the little people, these new colours come with spares in pairs. Solving the mystery of lost socks! Sets of 3 in kids size and a set of 5 for babies.

All of Solmates socks are made in the US from 62% Recycled Cotton, 22% Recycled Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra.

Stands are available through your sales rep, give them a call for details.

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