Floss & Rock

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Floss and Rock are based in Blackpool, a seaside town in England that is famous for Candy Floss and Rock candy, hence the name. Floss and Rock produce children’s toys for 3 to 10 year-olds. The quality of their toys, umbrellas and bags is of the highest quality out there and they are in...

New from Floss & Rock

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New Water Bottles, Play Boxes, Umbrellas and more from Floss & Rock. Playboxes If you are searching for a portable playsets the new Playboxes are just the thing. We have 4 different designs, something for both boys and girls. Each Playbox comes filled with brightly painted...

Floss & Rock

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Floss & Rock is a British business based in the town of Blackpool, famous for its candy floss and sticks of rock (sweets). Launched back in April 2016 after many years trading as Think Pink, Floss & Rock found their customers were interested in more genderless branding, so they began...

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