We’re online with Christmas!

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Christmas at Live Wires is our busiest time – come October and our stock starts to fly off the shelves. Our 2020 Christmas Pre-order catalogues have been doing the rounds since we returned form Covid19 lockdown, but if you missed out or need to stock up a little more, we’ve made it...

Two Bad Mice

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Adding to their popular cards and ceramics, Two Bad Mice have included some delightful kitchen gear to their range. There’s two charming designs – Lets Bake and The Complete Chef, that have been printed on oven cloths, aprons and tea towels. Designed by Anita Jeram, machine washable...

Real & Exciting

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Brand new look from Real & Exciting – check out their fabulous new range – Circus! This glamorous collection is inspired by the fun of the fairground. There’s leopards, elephants, zeba and circus tents on birthday cards. Giraffe, both blue and pink new baby cards and more...

New from Cath Tate

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Cath Tate kept her sense of humour going right through the British lockdown. She made us laugh and I’m sure many of her ideas will be turned into cards. In the meantime we have new collections in her card range. Drawn in Gold, designed by Katy Christianson, beautiful hand drawn black...

Danica Studio

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We’ve been enjoying Danica on our shelves since the end of 2018 and their designers, with backgrounds in textile and graphic design, continue to produce some wonderful designs and new products out of Vancouver. New we have Frida, Bee designs around floral forms in vignettes inspired...

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