Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Make February 14th Special! Love is a great reason to celebrate, so why not start with the giving of cards on Valentine’s Day? The tradition, started back in the third Century AD and now, in the 21st Century, its popularity has flourished. Not only do cards and gifts get sent between lovers,...

Blue Island Press

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Is there anybody out there who doesn’t have a soft spot for Winnie The Pooh?  We now have in stock the new range from Blue Island Press who are producing these gorgeous small cards for kids (or adults). The delightful illustrations created by E.H.Shepard accompanied the stories by...

Ceramics from Jo Luping Design

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A beautiful blue and white porcelain oval platter decorated with Kowhai, is the latest addition to the Jo Luping ceramic collection.  The new co-ordinating 7cm bowls make a popular addition to her collection of tiny dishes for the kitchen, dining table, bedroom or bathroom. All these...

Clare Reilly

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Clare has been working with Live Wires since 2004. Best known for her stunning paintings and prints of New Zealand birds that we reproduce as one of our premium card ranges.  Clare lives in Dunedin working as a full time artist. Her passion for the natural environment, particularly her...

Toodles Noodles

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Toodles Noodles is a New Zealand based company aiming to bring everyday beauty into homes. Liora Saad, founder and designer, started Toodles Noodles in 2011 to develop a natural, contemporary style of giftware.  Liora is a graduate of graphic design and visual communication. Her passion...

New Zealand’s First Villa

Our second house, the Villa, has arrived. A tribute to the beautifully ornate villas built completely with native timber in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

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Uniquely ours!  Inspired by the wonderful and popular collection of European Radar tea-light houses, Helen had the idea to have a New Zealand one designed.  The first, our State House, launched last year, proved very popular.  We are super excited about this beautifully detailed...