New from Floss & Rock

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New Water Bottles, Play Boxes, Umbrellas and more from Floss & Rock. Playboxes If you are searching for a portable playsets the new Playboxes are just the thing. We have 4 different designs, something for both boys and girls. Each Playbox comes filled with brightly painted...

Cavallini Puzzle Promotion!

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To celebrate the new year we are doing a giveaway. To enter the draw Set up a display showing off your Cavallini Puzzles in your shop Take a photo of your display and post it to your social media pages, Facebook or Instagram, or both! Tag us in your post Posts must be...

Curly Girl

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Started by Leigh Stanley, Curly Girl is a wonderful mixture of humour and philosophy. So many of the Curly Girl cards strike the perfect note for all occasions both difficult and sad as well as celebratory. Even if you don’t know what to say these cards will guide you and comfort or...