Screech Owl Design

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Artist and designer Jacqueline Schmidt founded Screech Owl Design in 2007. The company specializes in cards and paper goods. All of the images are hand-drawn by Jacqueline, whose signature style blends the urban and natural, the real and fantastic, and the familiar with the mysterious. The...

Julia Christian

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Julia Christian lives in Auckland with cartoonist Chris Slane and has raised three children who are all artists in their own right. The eldest, Henry Christian-Slane is a concept artist and winner of the Adam Portrait Award. Hugo Christian-Slane is a designer currently working in New York and...

Motif Mint Tins

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Motif is a collective of artists and illustrators, passionate about fresh, creative design & delicious mints. Their special-edition tins are unique, shareable and collectible, with each housing 32g of premium, vegan friendly peppermints, free from sugar and artificial sweetener. Back in...