Danica Studio

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We’ve been enjoying Danica on our shelves since the end of 2018 and their designers, with backgrounds in textile and graphic design, continue to produce some wonderful designs and new products out of Vancouver. New we have Frida, Bee designs around floral forms in vignettes inspired...

Now Designs

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Two years on and Now Designs are proving their designs are a hit here in New Zealand. Their in-house team continue to develop exclusive and unique seasonal ranges for retailers worldwide. We’ve received their new collection of Le Marché shopping bags. Ditch the plastic for this reusable...

Räder Design Stories

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Räder produce the most sophisticated ceramics and tick so many boxes with their much-loved beautiful products. Perfect as wedding or birthday gifts, or just to have at home. Their new for 2020 delicate filigree-cut, fine matte porcelain trays and vases, large and small tea lights, are a real...

Rachel Ellen

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Rachel Ellen specializes in designing Children’s products and has been one of our most popular suppliers from the UK for many years. She produces a wide range of children’s goods - cards, popular writing wallets, tins of all shapes and sizes, aprons, tabards, pens, pencil cases and...

Now online 2021 Calendars & Diaries

Our 2021 Calendars are now available online to Pre-order. We have some of the most beautiful and colourful calendars for you to consider for 2021.

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Calendars, calendars, calendars! We have some of the most beautiful and colourful calendars for you to consider for 2021. If you’ve not seen the catalouges already, we have extended our range to include more of our New Zealand artists, adding Abby Merson, Cecily - Celia Allison, to last...

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