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Cards have joined the much loved Easter traditions of chocolate, hot cross buns, bunnies and going to church! Sending cards appears to have stemmed from stationery suppliers noting that people sent blank cards, particularly from Catholic countries such as Poland & Italy, so they began to...

Michaela Cox - Mixie

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In 2018 we introduced Mixie as a new range of gorgeous cards from Dunedin’s Micheala Cox. She is a photographer who turns her images into interesting and inspired designs that always feature some New Zealand flora. She produced her first calendar with us in 2020 and her stunning 2021...


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Trade & Brand name Natty belongs to artist Cat McKay.  Based in Berhampore, Wellington where she has been designing, creating, making and selling Natty products since 2013. Cat designs and produces her Natty illustrated gift cards and stationery from her studio store. Natty...

Maggie Lam

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"My mission is to create art and patterns that inspire and brighten others with creativity" Maggie is a passionate artist and surface pattern designer. What’s that you ask? A surface pattern is a design that is either a single graphic or a repetitive pattern, to be printed on...

Laura Shallcrass

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Laura is an artist and commercial illustrator based in Queenstown where she works from her home in the hills. Laura was born in Wellington and trained as an illustrator and graphic designer before traveling the world. Laura settled in Queenstown on her return to NZ, where her love of the...

Penny Stotter – NZ Artist

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Penny Stotter, a graduate of Ilam, is one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary printmakers with a distinctive style born of her heritage and love of pattern-making. Refreshingly, she is the first to say that she is driven to create works of beauty rather than ‘meaning’,...

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